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In accordance with Article 43-10 of the Law of 1 September 1986 on freedom of communication (as amended by the Law L200-719 of 1 August 2000), you are informed that you are currently on the website Au rythme du lait published by the French Dairy Interbranch Organisation (CNIEL).

The website Au rythme du lait has been created by the CNIEL in order to promote knowledge of milk and dairy products by providing information and answers on many themes relating to milk.

Director of the Publication: Ms Caroline Le Poultier

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42 rue de Châteaudun

75314 Paris Cedex 09


Tel: +33 (0)



The Au rythme du lait website is intended for personal use by its visitors for the purposes of obtaining information. No commercial use, even partial, of any data presented on this website may be made without the prior written consent of the CNIEL.



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The presentation and content of the present site constitute a work protected by the current laws on intellectual property, of which the CNIEL is the holder. The use or reproduction, even partial, of the texts, photos or graphics it contains, is prohibited without prior written consent from the CNIEL and would be likely to constitute infringement. In addition, the reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or modification of all or any of the elements of the website, is prohibited.

In accordance with Article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, “Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part without the consent of the author, their heirs or assigns, is unlawful.” The same applies to the translation, adaptation, transformation or reproduction by any means or process whatsoever.

The CNIEL reminds visitors that the elements on this site may be consulted freely for personal or educational use or for information purposes. All other forms of use of these elements constitute an infringement of the rights of their authors, punishable by Articles L335-4 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

In accordance with Article L342-1 of the Intellectual Property Code, the CNIEL prohibits the permanent or temporary transfer, onto any medium and in any form whatsoever, of all or a substantial part of the content of this site, unless such operations are carried out for purely private or educational use or for information purposes. It also prohibits the use, by making available to the public in whatever form, of all or only part of the contents of this site or any of its components.



The website, information and features provided correspond to the legal regulations currently applicable. However, your use of the website is at your own risk. Under no circumstances can the CNIEL, its affiliates and partners guarantee the correctness, commercial value, quality or non-infringement of information published on the website or made available through this site.

Furthermore, the CNIEL, its affiliates and partners cannot guarantee that the server which makes the website available is protected against a virus likely to cause damage, infect or destroy your computer system or any other system when accessing this website, whether by downloading a document or using any other feature of the site.

In accordance with the law, the CNIEL, its affiliates and partners cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for direct or indirect damages, accidental or otherwise, resulting from the use or misuse of the website. Similarly, the CNIEL, its affiliates and partners cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by errors or omissions on this website in the information communicated among the features features.

The CNIEL, its affiliates and partners reserve the right to modify, add to, or delete the terms and conditions of use at any time, without prior notice. These changes will be applicable once they are published on the site. By visiting the site once these changes have been made, you automatically agree to accept them. The CNIEL also reserves the right to modify, add to or delete, in part or in whole, any of the content or features of this site, at any time and without prior notice, and the CNIEL, its affiliates and partners cannot be held responsible by any visitor to the site.



Any personal information you provide through your use of the website is strictly intended for the CNIEL for the purposes of creating a list of persons interested in its activities, particularly that of the present website, and will not be transmitted to third parties.

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No personal information is used for purposes other than those indicated here.

You have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data (Article 34 of the “Data Protection” Law).

To exercise this right, please write to the CNIEL by post at 42 rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, FRANCE, or by email using the Contact section.

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